Online Ordering System

Assisting Restaurants & Customers In Making, Managing & Controlling Food Order

Seito Online Ordering System

  • Better Order Experience

    - Customer can order directly from their own mobile device

      * No need to queue (fast service mode)

      * Guest self-ordering (table service mode)

  • Increase Table Turn-Over and Profit

    - Extra online platform to complete order & payment processing

    - Reduce operation costs

    - Reduce ordering equipment & labour on the floor

  • Maintain Social Distancing

    - Whether DIY ordering or pre-order with self-pickup, social distancing between staff and customers can be maintained

  • Better Meal Preparation & Serving

    - Speed up food preparation and improve order fulfilment efficiency

    - Monitor all food orders precisely from the Kitchen Management System

Seito Online Ordering System

One Order Solution with Three Operation Modes

  • Guest Mode

    By scanning a QR code, customers can select items and confirm the order themselves. The order will be sent to the kitchen automatically. This reduces customer waiting time, manpower costs and means you can turn your table more frequently.

  • Waiter Mode

    Staff use a mobile device to scan the QR code presented in the Seito F&B workstation to access waiter mode. Staff can take customer orders right at tableside, reducing footsteps and customer waiting time.

  • Pre-Order Mode

    By scanning a QR code from your promotional channels, customers can place orders, specify pick-up time and seamlessly process electronic payment from their mobile device. Kitchen chits will be printed the specified number of minutes before the scheduled pick up time.

One Order Solution with Three Operation Modes

Value-Added Features

  • Centralized Data Management

    All item pictures and menu data are synchronized with Seito POS, easily manage in one backend program

  • Customer Loyalty Program

    Supports applications of member digital coupons & discount redemption when ordering

  • Instant Payment

    Various fast & secure payment options let customers pay how they want after ordering

  • Pay at the Table

    Used with a smart POS terminal, “Pay at the Table” operation enables tableside payment to enhance dining experience

Value-Added Features
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